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Arms For A King

There are two different cycles that you will rotate through. These are “Cycle 1” and “Cycle 2” and each cycle includes different workouts. Each cycle is 6 days long, and includes two rest days that are noted in your workouts section. Weight lifting sessions (workouts) should take you about an hour. NOTE: Leg workouts are not a part of this specific arm-building program. Progressive overload via increased weight and increased volume: This program is going to attack from two separate angles: both progressive overload via increased weight and progressive overload via increased volume. Progressive overload via increased weight: The goal with compound lifts is to increase the weight and will also be to complete one all out set of 6-8 reps, followed by a back-off set of 8-12 reps. A back-off set is when you reduce the weight just enough to complete the reps. The rest between these two sets is to be 3-5 minutes. For example, on week 1 and week 3, a compound exercise for chest is incline barbell press. If you incline barbell press 225-lbs for 8 reps on week 1, it would be reasonable to increase to 245-lbs and go for 6-8 reps on week 3. Progressive overload via increased volume: The isolation exercises in the 8-12 rep range will progress via increased volume. To increase volume, a set will be added within the same rep-range. For example, week 2 cable rope push-down will be 3 sets of 8-12-reps. On week 4, you will add a set, so cable rope push-down will be 4 sets of 8-12 reps. The sets in the 8-12 rep range will have a rest time of 1-3 minutes. After completion of cycle 2, move back to cycle 1, and continue rotating until the program is complete.




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